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Digital Marketing Toolkit

Every business needs to make sales in order to survive. In order to sell, you need to promote your business and solutions in some way. Here is where marketing comes into play. Having a marketing strategy is important because it helps you promote your business by defining how you communicate your solutions to potential customers and through which channels.

If you have limited experience in marketing, or none at all, with the Digital Marketing Toolkit you will learn the basics of digital marketing and will be able to prepare a strong marketing strategy all on your own.

Are you not sure you can do it?

If you are finding endless excuses why not to start your own business or promote your business and solutions online, or why not now, please stop. Believe me, you don’t need to wait for the ideal conditions; they rarely come along.

I don’t know your particular situation, but whatever business you are planning to set up or whatever your experience in marketing (or lack of), I am sure you can do it.

You just need some help.

Time is not only limited, it is also precious. Therefore, it is important for you to decide what to do and how in order to save time, and get help for as many activities as you can.

The digital resources available at IB4SME can be of great help to save you time and help you prepare everything properly.

Here’s what you’ll gain with this Toolkit

By using the resources available in the Digital Marketing Toolkit, you will:

  • Learn the basics of digital marketing through useful templates and a checklist
  • Be able to prepare your very own marketing strategy
  • Find out the key elements of a landing page that converts
  • Learn how to prepare your social media calendar
  • Be able to prepare your own social media visuals
  • Learn how to prepare your marketing budget
  • Learn how to prepare your content style guide.
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The Digitial Marketing Toolkit includes:

  • Template: Marketing Strategy Template
    This template can help you prepare your own marketing strategy in a fast and simple way. The strategy base present in the document can be applied to the majority of small online businesses. It includes 18 chapters, base content and suggested content options to make it easier and faster for you to prepare your very own marketing strategy.
  • Template: Marketing Budget Template
    This template can be of great help for you to consider all the relevant expenses that will be part of your marketing budget. It includes a table with various marketing-related expenses options for budget allocation, as well as a practical example of a small business marketing budget.
  • Template: 2022 and 2023 Social Media Calendar Templates
    These two templates cover 2 years of social media posts content planning, writing and monitoring. Each Excel sheet covers a 3-month period with proposed weekly posts content categories and types. In the template are also provided explanations for each section of the calendar and all the proposed categories.
  • Template: 200 Social Media Visuals Design Templates and Examples
    This template includes 100 square format Social Media Visuals Design slides and 100 landscape format slides (for LinkedIn). For each format (square and landscape), there are 20 base designs with 5 key colour variations, with various options of headlines, calls to action and images placement. All the slides are completely editable. In addition, you will also receive 25 examples of actual social media post visuals prepared for five example activities (accounting, interior design, wellness, education, and cuisine).
  • Checklist: Landing Page Content
    This checklist covers 14 important content sections of a landing page designed to convert visitors (your target customers) into leads or customers.

As a Bonus, you will also receive the Content Style Guide Template and Example
This template outlines all the relevant elements, split into five key sections, which you can include in preparing your own content style guide. The template is complemented by an example of a complete content style guide, most of which can be applied to any business.

Are you ready to promote your business?

Promotional launch price:

EUR 67.00

Is this toolkit for me?

Great question. The Digital Marketing Toolkit is for you if:

  • You want to start or have recently started your own business
  • You want to promote your business and solutions online
  • You have little or no experience in marketing
  • You tried to promote your business online, but it did not work
  • You don't know how to prepare a marketing strategy.

However, this toolkit is not for you if:

  • You don’t know if you want to start your own business
  • You are already doing a successfully marketing and promotion online
  • You are not going to do business online.

Are you still not sure you can do it?

If you are still not sure whether or not you are able to start your own business and/or promote it online, let me tell you briefly my recent story.

I have been planning to start my consulting business for years, preparing various plans, but never taking action. In the end, I set up my business and planned the promotion strategy while working part-time, throughout the COVID-19 crisis, while being pregnant and getting married, all in a foreign country. And then, while having a 3-month-old little girl, I wrote a book and started preparing a series of digital resources to help other moms starting their own business.

If I could do it, so can you. You just need to believe in yourself. Aren’t you a super-mom after all? Why not a mompreneur!

Are you ready to do marketing?

Promotional launch price:

EUR 67.00

Meet Natasa

Hi, my name is Natasa Kobal and I am the Owner and Founder of IB4SME. I know how hard and overwhelming it can be to have your own business, and I am here to help.

Originally from Slovenia, I spent most of my professional life in Dubai, UAE, and since 2020 I live in Poland with my husband and daughter.

In over 15 years of experience, I have worked as marketing manager in marketing and media agencies, as well as in and for companies from various industries.

With a Doctorate in Business Management and as a marketing and international business expert, I now help small business owners with their international business strategies and promotion.

In order to help as many of you as I can, I have prepared these new digital resources and published a blog to really help new entrepreneurs starting your own business and promoting your solutions online.

So, if you feel you are ready to start your new business or improve your existing one, let me help you with these valuable resources.

Meet Natasa - Toolkit Page


The Digital Marketing Toolkit includes the Marketing Strategy Template (18 chapters in Word), a Marketing Budget Template (a table in Excel with explanations and a budget example), the Content Style Guide Template (5 sections in Word) with an actual Content Style Guide Example (4-page PDF), the 2022 and 2023 Social Media Calendar Templates (two Excel documents covering 2 years of social media content planning), the Social Media Visuals Design Templates (a total of 200 slides in PowerPoint) with application examples (25 final visuals examples in PDF), and the Landing Page Content Checklist (2-page Word document).

All the templates have been structured in a way that makes them easy to use. The templates include a “How to use this template” section with explanations and/or other explanations and examples, depending on the particular template. Each template serves as a guide and base for you to prepare your own document.   

The Digital marketing Toolkit can be of great help for anyone who wants to start or has recently started her/his own business, wants to promote the business and solutions online, has little or no experience in marketing, has already tried to promote her/his business online, but it did not work, and/or doesn’t know how to prepare a marketing strategy.

The promotional launch price of the Digital Marketing Toolkit is currently EUR 67.00.

At IB4SME, we strongly believe in our solutions. Each resource has been prepared based on years of experience and has been tested and proven to work for the defined purposes. As you would not be able to return the resources, they are not refundable. However, if you are really not satisfied with them, we can have a call to resolve the issues in order to help you with what you need.

Are you ready for the next step?

Promotional launch price:

EUR 67.00

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