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International Business Consulting Natasa Kobal
ul. Tarnobrzeska 44, 71-034 Szczecin, Poland

+48 601 806 240

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Meet Natasa

“I have been working in marketing and international business for over a decade, and have been working with business owners and decision-makers through economic recessions, industry-specific crises, and in various department formation, restructuring processes and new companies setup.

As a marketing and international business expert, I believe in creating solutions that accelerate SMEs’ sustainable growth. Throughout the years, I have helped SME business owners and decision-makers with their international business strategies and promotion, and have then decided to focus completely on that. This is the main reason why I decided to open my own business and launch IB4SME.

I know how stressful and difficult it can be to start your own business or go through these challenging times, and I am here to help.”

Dr. Natasa Kobal, Owner and Founder

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