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Market Entry Strategy

Business owners and decision-makers deciding to enter foreign markets are concerned primarily with three important choices: which markets to enter, how to enter and when to enter. For many SMEs, the time is right now. Depending on your products and services type, you now need to choose which markets you want to enter and prepare your market entry strategy.

There are various options available to SMEs for entering foreign markets, like, for example, exporting through a local distributor, opening a local office or store, enter through a joint venture, providing services remotely online, and many others. Most small businesses choose export to minimise cost and risks, but this might not be the most suitable entry strategy for your business. In your case it might be enough to simply bring your business online.

Our Market Entry Strategy Support

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To successfully enter foreign markets and perform well, you need a proper strategy, planning, and execution. If you don’t know where to start or how to do it, we are here to help you and guide you.

Our Market Entry Strategy Solutions include consulting and support for your:

  • Foreign Market Research and Competitive Benchmarking
  • Foreign Market Entry Strategy
  • Foreign Market Penetration Strategy
  • Online Internationalisation
  • International Marketing Strategy
  • International Business Development Strategy
  • International Firm Performance Management and Measurement System Plan

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