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We Believe

dr natasa Czaplewska believes in creating solutions that support SMEs growth

At IB4SME, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and medium-sized business owners and decision-makers are the center of our business. We create and provide all our services and solutions in order to help SMEs succeed and grow locally and internationally.

“Based on my strong experience and academic background in international business, strategic management, and marketing, I founded IB4SME to help entrepreneurs and SME decision-makers accelerate their business success and sustainable growth in local and international markets. With this purpose in mind, with a team of experts in their field, we provide business consulting, international business, and marketing solutions and support services.”

dr. Natasa Kobal, Owner and Founder

Our Purpose and Core Values

Our Purpose

We believe in creating solutions that accelerate SMEs’ sustainable growth.

Vision Statement

To help SMEs accelerate their success and sustainable growth.

Mission Statement

To provide international business and marketing strategies, consulting, and support services that help SMEs succeed and sustainably grow their business.

Core Values

  • Integrity: We are transparent and honest in everything we do.
  • Trust: We build our relationships with customers and other stakeholders based on trust, reliability and authenticity.
  • Commitment: We deliver what we promise.
  • Passion: We are enthusiastic in what we do and want to inspire and motivate SME owners and managers to achieve their full potential.
  • Innovation: We create original solutions to improve our processes, products and services.
  • Quality: We continuously try to help our customers achieve long-term results by providing high quality products and services.

If you share our purpose and values, we warmly welcome you to join us as a partner, external consultant, freelancer, or employee. We continuously work on further growing our team and partnerships.

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